Hon. Libby Szabo

Colorado Flag  Commissioner



Commissioner Szabo has been on the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners
since January of 2015 where she serves as Chair. Previously Libby served two terms
in the Colorado State House of Representatives where she was the House Assistant
Minority Leader.

Libby and her husband of 33 years, Denes, are Colorado natives. They have deep
roots in Jefferson County, where Libby grew up and they have raised four children:
Angel, Jessy, Nissa, and Karly.

The Szabos own a family business that has been in operation for more than 40 years.
As a business owner and working mother, Libby knows what it takes to stretch a
tight budget and to make ends meet, both at work and at home. Particularly with her
experience in the mortgage lending and financial services industry, Libby
understands the impact that public policy can have on businesses and working

As a County Commissioner, Libby serves on the Jeffco Economic Development
Corporation Executive Board, the Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee and is
Chairman of the Colorado Counties, Inc. Tourism, Resorts and Economic
Development Committee and aspires to make a difference in the quality of life in
Jefferson County. Commissioner Szabo believes in economic vitality, a
transportation infrastructure to support its citizens, and smart growth.

Commissioner Szabo’s vision is that all people would have an opportunity to live
their American dream. Libby believes that local government has a role in providing
that opportunity by implementing efficient government spending habits while taking
care of the issues that face the citizen of Jefferson County like safe roads, a sound
business environment where businesses can thrive and flourish, and accountability
that the citizens can trust.