A Resolution Recognizing Sole State Authority For Minimum Wage Law


Minimum wage laws have been a matter of great debate in our nation. Most scholars on federalism would agree that if a minimum wage was necessary, it would be the responsibility of the states to enact such a law. This resolution upholds the belief that local governments do not have the authority to set a minimum wages for their citizens and if necessary should be established by the state.

A Resolution Recognizing Sole State Authority For Minimum Wage Law

WHEREAS, [Insert Jurisdiction] is a political subdivision, created by the [Insert State]

WHEREAS, [Insert Jurisdiction] is tasked by the [Insert State] to carry out certain core responsibilities as approved by [Insert State].

WHEREAS, those core responsibilities are outlined in the [Insert State Code or Charter, or Local Charter]

WHEREAS, a local minimum wage ordinance [Insert Jurisdiction] would go beyond our core responsibilities of the [Insert Jurisdiction] and place an undue hardship on local businesses.

WHEREAS, economic stability and growth are among the most important factors affecting the general welfare of the people of the state, and that economic stability and growth are therefore among the most important matters for which the Legislature is responsible;

WHEREAS, mandated wage rates comprise a major cost component for private enterprises, and are among the chief factors affecting the economic stability and growth of this state;

WHEREAS, local variations in mandated wage rates threaten many businesses with a loss of employees to areas which require higher mandated wage rates, threaten many other businesses with the loss of patrons to areas which allow lower mandated wage rates, and are therefore detrimental to the business environment of the state and to the citizens, businesses, and governments of the various political subdivisions as well as local labor markets;

WHEREAS, In order for businesses to remain competitive and yet attract and retain the highest possible caliber of employees, private enterprises in this state must be allowed to function in a uniform environment with respect to mandated wage rates; and

WHEREAS, mandated wage disparity between political subdivisions of the state creates an anticompetitive marketplace that fosters job and business relocation.

NOW, BE IT RESOLVED, by the (Insert Elected Body) of the (Insert Jurisdiction), that there is hereby support the [Insert State] to handle all issues pertaining to minimum wage laws in a manner that encourages business continuity across local jurisdictional boundaries, if necessary, thereby securing economic growth and job creation.

Passed and adopted by the (Insert Elected Body) of the (Jurisdiction), on the (Insert date)